November 7

Departure HHS 4:30 pm

Washington, D.C. IAD 10:30 PM

 Munich MUC  12:45 PM (next day)

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Wonderful, amazing good-bye cake by Lindsey Ginevan

Yummy and delicious! Thank you!

FNB Bank snack bags by Dawn White

Also greatly appreciated! Thank you

Friends and family saying good-bye
Journal time at Dulles
Last call to parents before take-off

Today school took forever. But when it was finally over we got to eat and weigh our bags. I was getting really nervous then and upset when I said my goodbyes. The bus ride to the airport was fun though we all told jokes and stories the whole way. When we got to the airport I was even more nervous and the airport was really big. Once we got through security and got our stuff set down some of went to five guys and then to Starbucks. Now we are just waiting for the plane and I’m really nervous because I’ve never been on a plane.