November 9

Lilly: Today started off very eventful. Around one o'clock we got off the bus and meet our Italian families for the first time. Soon after they took us to their houses where we met the rest of their family and got settled in. After unpacking it was finally time to go to sleep. Since school started later that day, we got to sleep in. Waking up we all got ready for school and had breakfast with our families. During breakfast I have my hosts their gifts. They enjoyed them all and really liked the apple butter. Finally we were off to school for the first time. I was taken to school by car because of problems with the trains. At the school we meet all the Italians, and we had a welcoming ceremony from the teachers and students at the school. At this party we watched a video about the school and meet the schools "principal". Next we went onto the roof to enjoy the view and take pictures. Rita then took pictures of the Americans with their Italian host. After this we when back downstairs and had some snacks. The students then took us to a park right next to the school. We got to meet some of the students friends and we took more pictures. Back to the school we went to wait to go to the aquarium. The aquarium we went to is the largest in Europe. We saw many different types of sea animals and even got to touch a few. There was also a dolphin show we saw where the dolphins performed really fun tricks. Eventually we had to leave the aquarium. My Italian and I went to get gelato before we went back to her house. Afterwards we rode he train and two different buses to get to her home. We ate dinner together I, and I got to spend time with her family. To end my day, Francesca and I watched Netflix.
Assistant Principal and the Dirigente Scolastico at Liceo Deledda

Key to the City of Romney from Mayor Keadle


need a retake!

Both have purple hair!

Same glasses!
Local foods sent in and prepared by parents of students


The afternoon, we spent at the Aquarium--petting the rays