November 19

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Today we woke up at 6:30a.m. and had continental breakfast at the hotel. We rushed out of the hotel to spend the afternoon in Delphi. On the way there we watched The 300 Spartans and when we finally got to Delphi we explored the Archaeological Museum of Delphi which held remnants like statues, monuments, and columns, some were still mostly in contact and some were not. We then went outside to the ruins of the ancient city. After our tour we ate at a restaurant in Delphi that offered a three piece appetizer, a salad, the main course, and ice cream for dessert! It was really good. After lunch we set out on the road again to head to Olympia. It was a five hour trip that for most people included sleeping, but the view getting there was spectacular. After finally getting settled into the hotel in Olympia, we had dinner which was a salad, pasta, and chicken with cake as dessert, it was amazing.

Still smiling--some kids are not early birds...

In Delphi--museum tour before seeing the sights

Lunch in a restaurant nearby

Off to Olympia

Dinner at Hotel