November 18

Image result for FAMISSI EDEN. 4**** - Koumaries str., 42200 Kalambaka
From Igoumenista to Kalabaka to Meteora Monasteries

Greece greeted us with open arms this morning. Unfortunately, those arms were barbed and it was very cold and rainy all day. Except on the mountain where it was very cold and snowy. We watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" on the bus ride to Kalabaka, where we are staying for the night. We had a lunch buffet; we got to eat authentic Greek food (and everyone enjoyed it!). Then we went to Meteora, and visited one of the Orthodox monasteries that are still in use. It was filled with paintings depicting stories from the bible. Afterward, we came to our hotel to relax for a couple hours, and then we had a dinner buffet.

Waiting to disembark from Ferry

It is pouring down the rain! 

Our driver, Roberto, all smiles!


back to rain....

Lunch buffet!

Clouds are lifting.....

Tour guide

No pictures allowed inside Monastery Santo Stefano!

Buffet Style dinner at hotel