November 16


Treasure Hunt

Pesto Making

Dinner with Italians

This morning, we went to school. At school, other Italians came to our classroom and showed us the presentations they made for the Americans. Some of them even had games for us to play. We also learned a few more words in Italian. After school, a big group of us went to eat sushi together. Once we got there, we were seated. I got California rolls, but I did not like them, but I also got spring rolls with shrimp. They were very good. I got about 10 plates of them. Laurel and lily wouldn’t let me get more because they didn’t want to look “American”. When we were done eating at the restaurant, we had to finish what was on our plane or we had to pay extra, and lily ordered too much sushi, and nobody wanted anymore, so every one had to put a piece in their mouth so we could walk out the door and leave. We spit it out around the corner, and then dogs came by and ate it. After lunch, we went back to the school and got ready to go on a scavenger hunt with our Italians throughout the city. We had to get many photos with certain things to win. For example we had to get a picture of 2 or more dogs in one picture and we found a lady on the street and asked to take a picture with her 3 dogs. After the scavenger hunt, we went with the group to learn how to make pesto. I’m pesto, there is salt, cheese, basil, and olive oil in pesto. We had to smash them together for a while. After that, we ate it in focaccia. It was very good. I had a lot of focaccia. After that, we left to go home and spent the rest of the evening with my host family before leaving tomorrow.

Pasta with tomato Sauce and Pasta with Pesto

Buon appetito a tutti