November 14

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Presentations and discussions with Italian students

Tour of Staglieno Monumental Cemetery

Christian:Today I woke up at 6:50 A.M. and got ready for school. I ate a small breakfast that consisted of a piece of cake and a espresso that was very tasty. After breakfast we left our house and rode towards the train station. We rode the train to Genova and arrived at school around 8:45. The people who had not presented their presentations yet had to present them. After presenting our presentations to that class the classes changed and a new class came in. We talked and they asked many questions. It was a lot of fun. Next we got taught more Italian from the assistant principal and became more fluent with basic phrases. After this we all went and got something to eat which varied between each person. I had a couple sandwiches and a slice of pizza. After this our Italians went to a University workshop and we rode a bus to the cemetery. The cemetery was founded in 1851 and was very interesting. The marble statues were so old yet so detailed. Afterwards we rode the bus back to Genova and met back up with our Italians. Some people went home at this time while others left to get gelato. It was a great day.