November 13

  MILAN by bus

On bus to Milano

Woke up at 6:50 AM and got ready for the trip. Irene's mother walked me to the train station and I met up with Franchesca, and Lillian. We rode the train together and met up with the rest of the group. We hung out for a few minutes and waited for everyone one else, like Rita and Mrs.Amtower, we did a head count and boarded the bus. We left the city and headed towards Milan. I don't remember a lot of the ride due to sleeping for a while. But I did enjoy the ride and the sleep I got. I woke up about 20 minutes before we arrived at where we were supposed to get off. So, I did get the chance to see some of the buildings, it was beautiful and amazing. We loaded off the bus and started to walk towards the castle, it was interesting, it was gorgeous. I loved how it looked. And I enjoyed seeing groups of kids do some sort of reenactment. I thought it was cute. After that we walked off of the campus and started walking along the streets, I loved seeing all the shops and the different music coming from inside each of them. The statues were incredible. We walked and came up on the cathedral which was stunning. Amazing. I have no words. It was marvelous. We stood there and gathered some pictures and we all split up. One group went somewhere else, shopping. And then my group went and I went to get fried pizza, which I thought was extremely good. And we ate lunch together, after we finished eating we walked around and went shopping at places like Nike, Urban Outfitters, and a few other places. After that we met back up with the others and went to get gelato since the teachers couldn't get us tickets to go inside the cathedral. And we headed back to Genoa on the bus. I sat with Lucas and we had a very, very in depth conversation about Harry Potter and who was in what house. After that I fell asleep, woke up about 5 minutes before we had to get off. Franchesca, Lillian, Ethan, and a few others and I headed to the train station. We sit off from there and we rode the train. We said goodbye, and I walked back to the house. When i got there, I ate dinner with my host family, and we had to tell Irene's mom to go somewhere else so we could bring out presents and her cake. Today was her 56th birthday. So we sang happy birthday, had cake and watched as she opened her presents. Irene, her sister and I ducked the helium out of one of the balloons and goofed off a bit. Irene washed her hair so I put a bunch of braids in it so it would be curly for tomorrow. And we watched a film with the family and after the film we went to bed.

In front of the Duomo

Oh! Those shopping bags!
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