November 12

Students meet other class levels of English for Question&Answer

This morning Margherita and I got up at 7:15 and went to school at 9 o’clock. Once we got to school, we stayed in the classrooms while Margherita and the other Italians went to their classes. Two different groups of Italian students came in and asked us different questions about America and what it was like for us. They were all very nice and interested in what we were saying. At school we also got a break which was a short period of time where we could go to get snacks from the vending machines. Water is only 0.30 cents and the vending machines are restocked daily. Once school ended we ate out lunch that Mimi (Margherita’s mother) had made for us. She made us Ham and Cheese Paninis. They were very good. At around 3:45 we went to the cinema and watched the nutcracker. The cinema was a bit different from movie theaters back home. In Italy all of the rows and seats were at the same height whereas in America there are stairs and the seats are taller as the rows go up. It was an interesting experience and as they say, “Experiences are the real riches in life.” To end our day we came home and had Ravioli for dinner. Delizioso!

Italian Lesson by Giovanni, the assistant principal followed by Sway presentations by American students for their Italian partners
Pictures from Lilly