November 11

  Family Day

4 Students submit pictures and descriptions


Today I got to sleep in till 10 30 and then ate a small breakfast that consisted of some outstanding cake and some espresso. We didn't eat a lot because we were getting ready to go out to eat a big lunch. After winding up the mountain for 15 or 20 minutes we arrived at the restaurant. We were celebrating my Italians fathers birthday and it was a lot of fun. The food just kept coming out and everything was amazing. I met another American there that was from New York. After dinner all the teenagers went outside and talked till dark. It was really cool to have another American there to talk to and he thought the same thing.

Unberta, Bianca, Anna, Cyanne, Loral, Metao, Lucas, Sara,Fellipo all went shopping on 20 September street today. We went to H&M, Pull and Bear, Bershaka. The first shop we went into was H&M, there I bought a shirt for myself and sweaters for my niece and nephew. Cyanne bought a skirt and a sweater. Next we went into Bershaka, there I bought a blouse, and Loral and Cyanne bought matching sweatshirts. Umberta bought a new jacket at Bershaka. Then we went to Pull and Bear there I didn’t buy anything. Cyanne bought jeans and a tee-shirt, Sara bought a sweater I believe. All in all it was a fun adventure and I wouldn’t want to change today at all.While walking we saw the White palace and the red palace. I enjoyed the architecture that is in Genova, Italy ߇?߇?

So today me and my Italian went to the sea and looked at all the amazing views. It started to rain so we weren’t sure if we were gonna get to go but luckily it stopped raining and we went. When we came here I never expected to see mountains. They really reminded me a lot of home. We then decided to go and hang out with some friends near the city center. We then decided to visit the “Royal Castle.” It was so big and full of beautiful sights. After we finished up that the 4 of us went out and got some ice cream. I came home and had a 3 course meal that was very delicious. We had pasta, then some chicken, and last some salad with potatoes on the side. For the next 3 hours we watched a verity of movies. It was a great day! For the next 3 hours we watched a verity of movies. It was a great day!