November 20


Meeting at the school hall. Survival Italian language course with Mrs. Devigili.
Coffee break
Group 1:
10.40-11.30, teacher Damaro Valle, History of art, 5^LS
11.30-12.20, teacehr Maranzi, German, 2^LES-B
12.20-13.10, teacher Maranzi, German, 3^LOS

Group 2:
10.40-11.30, teacher Guardini, Maths, 5^AFM
11.30-12.20, teacher Tanel, Social sciences, 4^LES-B
12.20-13.10, teacher Galante, English, 4^LS-LOS


Work on the project “Renewable energy” (teachers: Roberta Guardini and Gianluca Tanel)
17.20 return home with partners

Return home with partners.



After Italian class, John and others were hungry

Art history class taught in English


German classes with various activities

After lunch we worked on our project for the exchange

Recording of a scene

...while others were playing a goofy game

John learned to ride a bike

Here is the proof!
Great group activities today. Ms. Meadows was in Calculus and English classes with the other group.


Tomorrow: VENICE!