November 19


8 - 10:30 Meeting at the school hall. Survival Italian language course with Mrs. Devigili.

 Coffee break

  Lessons with Italian students.
Group n. 1:
10.40-11.30 teacher Ansaloni, History, class: 3^LES-B
11.30-12.20 teacher Malerba, German, class: 4^AFM

Group n.2:
10.40-11.30 teacher Sicher, English, class: 1^LES-A
11.30-12.20 teacher Galante, English, class: 4^LOS-LSA


14.00 Meeting-place for the American and the host students: school hall. Trip to Trento . Walking tour of the city with the students of the class 5^LA as touristic guides. (teachers Giulia Damaro Valle, Francesca Galante)

18.00 Departure from Trento. Return home with partners.

Taking pictures of assignments from English teacher Mrs. W

Break during Italian lesson

In History Class taught in English about Mongol expansion into Europe and the advantages for Europeans

In German class

Lunch with delicious fruit juices and snacks

On the train to Trent(o)

Touring Trento

Neptune's fountain in front of Cathedral where the Council of Trent was held

In Castle Buonconsiglio


Council of Trent

Castle Bounconsiglio