Print out PDF files as needed


Exchange XIV General Information        Application Essay  Background Information *
Exchange XIV Proposed Itinerary and Information Picture Release Form Hosting Form/Contract *
Class Schedule ( and parent meetings) ** 5 Letters of Recommendation   
Clothing List & General Information Rules and Regulations  
BOE Waiver    

** Subject to change

Italic forms are part of the application process to be handed in filled out and signed by student and parent by deadline
other forms will have to be read and acknowledged but will be signed at first meeting in May


Repeat Applicant Requirements:
Grade B/O or better for Exchange 2011
* Hosting fall 2011
* Background information
Rewritten Essay: WHY do I wish to go again?
Needs to agree to all changes to program

Students who already took Italian Studies:
Grade B or better for Italian Studies 2010/11
* Hosting fall 2011 (preferred)
*Background information
Needs to agree to all changes to program