TOP 10


10.  Eat gelato every single chance you get.

9.    As much as you might hate going to many museums and churches, realize how incredibly lucky you are.

8.    Try all the food—at least once.

7.    Talk to as many people as you can.

6.    If something sounds scary because it’s a new experience, embrace it.

5.    Try to learn as much Italian as you can.

4.    Realize, although you miss people, they are thinking of you lovingly and they know you are having an amazing time.

3.    Always remember what an amazing experience you are having, and indulge yourself in everything there is to do and see.

2.    Realize how much you love your own country.  (You’ll understand what I mean.)

1.    Be a canvas when you’re there.  Let everything stick and paint your soul and mind in the most.

 By Shea Mikal Green