April 9

MVC-352F.jpg (30027 bytes) Now we have arrived at the local open air theater where a world famous historical story is reinacted every summer: The Shooting at Hornberg

Story will be posted later

The local pub with the watch tower in the back ground MVC-353F.jpg (38803 bytes)
MVC-354F.jpg (41630 bytes) The city gate
How locals shop for beverages MVC-355F.jpg (41359 bytes)
MVC-356F.jpg (36796 bytes) wishful thinking
A view through the local railraod bridge

the castle in the background

MVC-357F.jpg (19508 bytes)
MVC-358F.jpg (23450 bytes) The local Catholic Church.... 1970s style
Here we stayed, the teacherīs house in Germany MVC-359F.jpg (39116 bytes)
MVC-360F.jpg (42860 bytes) Flowers are a German obsession
Scott is enjoying a German candy--Dickmannīs MVC-361F.jpg (20400 bytes)