April 9

MVC-340F.jpg (21846 bytes) A local specialty: Schwarzälder Kirschtorte

Black Forest Cherry Torte

Cranberry Torte MVC-341F.jpg (23812 bytes)
MVC-342F.jpg (20441 bytes) Chocolate Torte
Fruit Torte MVC-343F.jpg (20383 bytes)
MVC-344F.jpg (28037 bytes) Here we are in Cafe Auer for coffee or hot chocolate and Torte
An Easter exhibition of Easter specialties ade by the local Konditor MVC-345F.jpg (36088 bytes)
MVC-346F.jpg (39096 bytes) Marzipan eggs and other Easter items
More Easer candy MVC-348F.jpg (42983 bytes)
MVC-347F.jpg (30753 bytes) A small array of delicious Torten (not cakes)
City Hall (das Rathaus) in Hornberg MVC-349F.jpg (29087 bytes)
MVC-350F.jpg (28369 bytes) Hotel Adler with the mediaval tower in the background
One of the oldest buildings in Hornberg. This was the location of the Southern Gate. MVC-351F.jpg (35578 bytes)