April 9

MVC-323F.jpg (25702 bytes) The development of glass from Roman times to the Middle Ages
Various Allamannic and Merowing examples of glass production MVC-324F.jpg (25979 bytes)
MVC-325F.jpg (23534 bytes) Glass sculptor at work
Nice patterns that he engraved MVC-326F.jpg (33431 bytes)
MVC-327F.jpg (36441 bytes) Various patterns are engraved into ruby and blue goblets
Now it is our turn to blow glass MVC-328F.jpg (33719 bytes)
MVC-329F.jpg (29892 bytes) Scott is trying his lungs
The neck of the vase he blew is ready to be cut off MVC-330F.jpg (32168 bytes)
MVC-331F.jpg (30230 bytes) The vase neck is being sawed off now
And now Sarah tries her skills in blowing glass MVC-332F.jpg (29856 bytes)
MVC-334F.jpg (31258 bytes) and Elizabeth
it is getting bigger... MVC-335F.jpg (32141 bytes)
MVC-336F.jpg (30720 bytes) and Melanie
and who is this trying her luck? MVC-337F.jpg (31283 bytes)
MVC-338F.jpg (38713 bytes) Waiting for the bus in Wolfach. Each one of us is equipped with his/her own mouth blown vase.