April 9

MVC-308F.jpg (33570 bytes) Traditional country costumes, the Bollenhut-Tracht in Gutach in the Black Forest. This is a protestant farmer's costume. This hat is arranged in a cross. The red hat is for unmarried women, whereas the black oneis for married women.
How charcoal is produced for glass and iron production. MVC-309F.jpg (32489 bytes)
MVC-310F.jpg (35475 bytes) A farmhouse from the higher elevations. This house faces with the long side towards the south due to inclement weather in high elevations and in order to preserve the natural warmth.
The Lorenzhof, a new addition to the museum. MVC-311F.jpg (40633 bytes)
MVC-313F.jpg (23031 bytes) A typical bride's costume with hat (Schäppel)
Elizabeth got tired of walking... MVC-314F.jpg (38608 bytes)
MVC-315F.jpg (44270 bytes) Cukoo clocks anyone?
Local fruit beverages MVC-316F.jpg (44716 bytes)
MVC-317F.jpg (30999 bytes) The hike from Gutach to Hausach
These tree trunks are being watered in order to keep the beetleout that would destroy the entire wood. These trees were uprooted or knocked down during a storm last winter. MVC-318F.jpg (37077 bytes)
MVC-319F.jpg (29911 bytes) We have arrived at the Dorotheenhütte in Wolfach.This is a worl famous glass producing company.
We are watching how glass is being produced. MVC-320F.jpg (36938 bytes)
MVC-321F.jpg (27650 bytes) The blowing of glass.
The stove where all elements for glass making are being melted. MVC-322F.jpg (30689 bytes)