April 9

MVC-305F.jpg (33019 bytes) The Vogtsbauernhof in Gutach

An open-air museum

Here, a variety of farm houses from the Black Forest area are exhibiting life on a farm. Archeologists believe that these self-contained farm-houses from the 16th century to present time are the continuation of the Allamannic Longhouse from the early centuries AD.

The old kitchen did not have a chimney; insetead, the smoke filled the entire kitchen to smoke meats and sausages hanging from the ceiling. MVC-280F.jpg (31400 bytes)
MVC-282F.jpg (30885 bytes) Models from the typical Black Forest (Allamannic) farmhouse
MVC-283F.jpg (32405 bytes)
MVC-281F.jpg (30283 bytes) The earlier foundations as well as the houses were entirelz built out of wood--exaclty like the ones over 1000 years ago.

Later buldings used stone or brick foundations.

The bedroom. MVC-284F.jpg (28616 bytes)
MVC-285F.jpg (30877 bytes) The back of each house was always located against a mountain or hill. This provided easy access to the barn whichis located directly under the roof.
A still. Until today, each farmer is able to produce their own spirits (within limits set by the government). MVC-286F.jpg (31024 bytes)
MVC-287F.jpg (26141 bytes) A Hammer saw driven by water power.
A wheat mill. MVC-288F.jpg (31529 bytes)
MVC-289F.jpg (34690 bytes) Here, the ground flour is separated from the rougher outer shell.
The spirit and wine storage. MVC-290F.jpg (29412 bytes)
MVC-291F.jpg (33583 bytes) A cooling facility for milk using cold natural spring water.