April 8

MVC-265F.jpg (39059 bytes) We are ready for a snack at an Imbiss-Stube, the M&M Grill
Scott is enjoying a Rote Bratwurst with a roll and fries MVC-266F.jpg (36272 bytes)
MVC-267F.jpg (25633 bytes) Melanie enjoys grilled chicken and fries
Sarah ordered fries and a butter Pretzel MVC-268F.jpg (31585 bytes)
MVC-269F.jpg (45726 bytes) Nutcrackers in a store in Triberg
The Cascades in Triberg MVC-270F.jpg (35823 bytes)
MVC-271F.jpg (36300 bytes) These Cascades are Germany´s highest cascades, 144 meters
Eliyabeth is pooped MVC-272F.jpg (40154 bytes)
MVC-273F.jpg (40675 bytes) Triberg
Clock making is a big business for tourism industry around here MVC-274F.jpg (38461 bytes)
MVC-275F.jpg (40014 bytes) The market square
Walking back to the train station MVC-276F.jpg (34141 bytes)
MVC-277F.jpg (29494 bytes) Gas prices in Germany prices are in DM/liter

1 Gallon = 3.8 liter

1 $ = 2.10 DM (approximately)