April 8

MVC-256F.jpg (39706 bytes) Solemar in Bad Dürrheim, a salt spa rebuilt according to a Roman model
The entrance MVC-257F.jpg (30836 bytes)
MVC-258F.jpg (31344 bytes) A model of the newly rebuilt spa (1987)
Pictures will be scanned in at a later time because I could not take pictures in the damp air--nor is it appropriate to take pictures  
An old city gate in Villingen, a medieval town. MVC-259F.jpg (42443 bytes)
MVC-260F.jpg (35491 bytes) Downtown Villingen
An old ornamental building MVC-261F.jpg (29543 bytes)
MVC-262F.jpg (30235 bytes) The city gates in other directions
  MVC-263F.jpg (33903 bytes)
MVC-264F.jpg (33955 bytes)