April 8

MVC-219F.jpg (35467 bytes) We have arrived in Bad Dürrheim near Villingen to visit the southern German non-Roman version of Mardi Gras called Fastnacht. Fastnacht is only celebrated in the Allamannic area.
Here are a few random examples of the wide variety of costumes (Häs) of various twons throughout the Black Forest area MVC-221F.jpg (43803 bytes)
MVC-226F.jpg (38916 bytes) Handmade wooden masks and a lot of noise makers to drive out the spirits of winter and wake up the spirits of spring
Getting hit with the pig bladder (Saubloder) used to mean fertility. Today itmeans good fortune. MVC-229F.jpg (43068 bytes)
MVC-230F.jpg (37997 bytes) In a lot of costumes, the closeness to nature is visible.
Witches, costumes only worn by men, are very common. MVC-234F.jpg (36420 bytes)
MVC-236F.jpg (40599 bytes) The masks are often eerie looking to scare the evil ghosts and spirits.
The Horberger Devils and Brunnenhansele MVC-237F.jpg (34942 bytes)
MVC-244F.jpg (28514 bytes) Another intersting Devil mask
Or trunk-like noses such as these masks from the Radolfzell area MVC-249F.jpg (32917 bytes)