April 7

MVC-198F.jpg (38351 bytes) We are enjoying Pasta and Pizza
Yes, Mrs. Hott is enjoying Pizza as well MVC-200F.jpg (31360 bytes)
MVC-201F.jpg (26152 bytes) Elizabeth is fixing her nails
Sarah is checking off her cartoon cards... MVC-202F.jpg (31776 bytes)
MVC-203F.jpg (30249 bytes) ...making sure they are all in sequnce
The desert: Tiramisu MVC-204F.jpg (35890 bytes)
MVC-205F.jpg (35922 bytes) ice cream
and chocolate ball.... MVC-207F.jpg (30199 bytes)
MVC-208F.jpg (21730 bytes) Melanie is digging in
Did Melanie gain that much weight? What is she hiding under her jacket??? MVC-209F.jpg (35937 bytes)