April 7

MVC-188F.jpg (22688 bytes) Back in the pedestrian zone
Frescoes at local bldings MVC-189F.jpg (38085 bytes)
MVC-190F.jpg (28594 bytes) Frescoes at local bldings
Heading for Switzerland MVC-196F.jpg (35732 bytes)
MVC-191F.jpg (40480 bytes) A timber frame house
Which way should we go? MVC-192F.jpg (26886 bytes)
MVC-194F.jpg (31991 bytes) Into a cafe for hot chocolate
and hot coffe MVC-193F.jpg (31260 bytes)
MVC-195F.jpg (26996 bytes) Kreuzlingen in Switzerland
Back in Konstanz in Germany for dinner in an Italian Restaurant MVC-197F.jpg (35952 bytes)