April 7

MVC-176F.jpg (26791 bytes) Back outside
In the background the Music Conservatory
The Rhine river with the old city in the background MVC-177F.jpg (30063 bytes)
MVC-178F.jpg (36674 bytes) The Benedictine Monastery
The Church of the Dominikanerinnen (female Dominicans) MVC-179F.jpg (31908 bytes)
MVC-180F.jpg (23705 bytes) The Cathedral
Timber frame houses in the pedestrian zone MVC-181F.jpg (24250 bytes)
MVC-183F.jpg (26803 bytes) The patron of Konstanz
St. Stephan's Cathedral MVC-184F.jpg (31254 bytes)
MVC-185F.jpg (33350 bytes) Frescoes inside the cathedral
The huge organ MVC-186F.jpg (33805 bytes)
MVC-187F.jpg (30638 bytes) Information on the Stephan's Church