April 7

MVC-156F.jpg (32841 bytes) Breakfast in Germany

Sarah enjoys the fresh, crisp rolls

The others join in. MVC-157F.jpg (28575 bytes)
MVC-158F.jpg (32061 bytes) We have arrived at Konstanz.
On the way to the Landesmueum, the students purchase German candy. MVC-160F.jpg (35600 bytes)
MVC-161F.jpg (34651 bytes) Scott and Elizabeth are enjoying the new candy.
Sarah is trying a Smurf Gummi MVC-162F.jpg (29024 bytes)
MVC-163F.jpg (29099 bytes) An old tower in Konstanz
Konstanz and the Rhine river MVC-164F.jpg (32864 bytes)
MVC-167F.jpg (19084 bytes) The Rhine
We have arrived at the museum MVC-168F.jpg (25977 bytes)
MVC-169F.jpg (32648 bytes) In front of the museum
A very old kiln for pottery making MVC-170F.jpg (27572 bytes)
MVC-172F.jpg (13209 bytes) Alemanni artifacts
More artifacts MVC-173F.jpg (16640 bytes)
MVC-174F.jpg (16790 bytes) and more
Allamanic Writing: in Runes MVC-175F.jpg (20464 bytes)