April 6

MVC-130F.jpg (42276 bytes) The Münster, the cathedral of Freiburg, a Beautiful example of gothic architecture in red sand stone.
Famous stain glass windows inside the cathedral MVC-132F.jpg (29068 bytes)
MVC-133F.jpg (31892 bytes) A view of the inside of the church.
The top...an open roof! Quite windy up here! MVC-135F.jpg (44090 bytes)
MVC-136F.jpg (32115 bytes) A view of Freiburg from the top.
Climbing higher to see the entire Medieval town. MVC-137F.jpg (34191 bytes)
MVC-139F.jpg (34127 bytes) The University in the background.
One of Freiburg`s city gates with tower. MVC-140F.jpg (35912 bytes)
MVC-141F.jpg (36932 bytes) The other city gate with tower.
Back on the ground... taking a look up. The cathedral is always under construction due to the soft red sand stone. MVC-142F.jpg (27582 bytes)