April 6

MVC-115F.jpg (35443 bytes) We have arrived in Freiburg. Before going to the Allamanic Institute, we are waking up to another cup of coffee.
At the Institute, we are served Easter cake and juices. MVC-116F.jpg (28827 bytes)
MVC-117F.jpg (36587 bytes) While taking notes, we are enjoying the cake and the juices.
Melanie and Sarah are digging in. MVC-118F.jpg (32507 bytes)
MVC-120F.jpg (31792 bytes) Scott, Sarah, Elizabeth, Melanie and Herr Sonntag from the Allamanic Institute in Freiburg.
Herr Sonntag is taking the picture of our group. MVC-122F.jpg (30458 bytes)
MVC-126F.jpg (23278 bytes) Frau Hot thankng Herrn Sonntag for the presentation about the Germanic tribes.
Apple cider. Trying to get her voice back... MVC-124F.jpg (22586 bytes)
MVC-127F.jpg (26310 bytes) Herr Sonntag gives us a chocolate Easter Bunny to munch on before we leave.
Now we are off for a walk through the Medieval town of Freiburg.


MVC-129F.jpg (40441 bytes)