April 5

MVC-105F.jpg (30303 bytes) For lunch in a Turkish Restaurant
Scott is waiting for his lunch MVC-106F.jpg (26460 bytes)
MVC-107F.jpg (32408 bytes) Aalen
Recyce bins are everywhere. Here for green, white, and brown glass and cans. MVC-108F.jpg (30707 bytes)
MVC-109F.jpg (42101 bytes) A telephone booth
Back at the train station. We are getting our luggage from the Schliessfächer, the lockers at the station. MVC-110F.jpg (26773 bytes)
MVC-112F.jpg (30395 bytes) Sarah and Melanie are enjoying chocolate.
Scott and Eliyabeth enjoy the train ride. We are now on our waz to the Black Forest in Southern Germany. MVC-113F.jpg (26419 bytes)
MVC-114F.jpg (26306 bytes) Herrenberg, a town outside of Stuttgart, picture taken from the train