April 5

MVC-091F.jpg (44298 bytes) At the bus station in Aalen. We are waiting for the bus to take us to the train station.
We deposited our luggage in the Schliessfächer, the lockers, at the train station MVC-092F.jpg (30221 bytes)
MVC-093F.jpg (26937 bytes) We have arrived at the Limes Museum
In the Limes Museum we learned how Romans made mosaics MVC-094F.jpg (35467 bytes)
MVC-095F.jpg (35917 bytes) Roman dress
Fashionable Roman dress MVC-096F.jpg (36220 bytes)
MVC-097F.jpg (25549 bytes) The belongings of a Roman Legionnaire
A Roman Soldier MVC-098F.jpg (17225 bytes)
MVC-099F.jpg (25869 bytes) Roman Soldiers
Roman Soldier MVC-100F.jpg (22657 bytes)
MVC-101F.jpg (20240 bytes) The Expansion of the Roman Empire
The Limes, the border that was supposed to hold back the Alamanni, the Germanic tribes MVC-102F.jpg (30590 bytes)
MVC-103F.jpg (27238 bytes) A Roman tower at the Limes
The Old Gate leading into the Roman Settlement, today the town Aalen MVC-104F.jpg (41458 bytes)