April 4

MVC-074F.jpg (24941 bytes) Die Schlosskirche
The first new established Lutheran Church

Inside the Old Castle is a Protestant (Lutheran) Church


MVC-072F.jpg (37298 bytes)
MVC-073F.jpg (36183 bytes) Students noted the differences between the previously Catholic churches and the Protestant church
Der Schillerplatz
Schiller is one of Germany's great writers
MVC-075F.jpg (28965 bytes)
MVC-080F.jpg (23910 bytes) Finally, inside the Baden-Württembergische Landesmuseum we were on the trails of Romans and the Allamanni
The Stock Exchange behind the fountain at the Schloss Platy in Stuttgart MVC-082F.jpg (29360 bytes)
MVC-083F.jpg (22192 bytes) Die Fussgängerzone
The pedestrian zone in the inner city
... no cars MVC-084F.jpg (38087 bytes)
MVC-086F.jpg (27777 bytes) Melanie is getting her bed ready at the Zouth Hostel in Aalen
How do I get this cover over the bedspread? MVC-087F.jpg (29272 bytes)
MVC-085F.jpg (27175 bytes) ....and now the pillow case...
Relaxing at the Limes Spa--the Roman Thermal Baths in Aalen MVC-090F.jpg (31365 bytes)
.limestheremen1.jpg (15887 bytes) The entrance of the Limes Thermal Baths, built on former Roman ruins. The thermal water contains minerals at a very warm relaxing temperature.
The main pool limestheremen2.jpg (16667 bytes)
sauna.jpg (16048 bytes) An oxygen sauna
Cascades inside sauna2.jpg (15472 bytes)
thermen.jpg (15152 bytes) The outside pool which is accessible form the inside
Another view at the main pool thermen2.jpg (15944 bytes)
MVC-088F.jpg (22842 bytes) It was a great experience...
.. it was so relaxing... MVC-089F.jpg (36229 bytes)