April 4


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mit der Bahn... by train... con treno... to Germany
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Germany, here we come
Mvc-062f.jpg (27768 bytes) Scott getting his bed ready in the train on the way to Germany
Elizabeth is storing her luggage for the night Mvc-063f.jpg (27566 bytes)
Mvc-064f.jpg (23187 bytes) Sarah is fighting with her bed
Melanie is awaiting her turn to get the bed ready Mvc-065f.jpg (21601 bytes)
MVC-066F.jpg (36957 bytes) What may be hidden in this column?
The toilet that we needed so badly after our arrival in Stuttgart Germany.... MVC-067F.jpg (32269 bytes)
MVC-068F.jpg (28427 bytes) The Schlossplatz in Stuttgart
Das Schloss MVC-069F.jpg (22563 bytes)
MVC-070F.jpg (23797 bytes) Das Schloss in Stuttgart
Das Alte Schloss, our destination MVC-071F.jpg (27094 bytes)