April 3 - Part 2

MVC-048F.jpg (32452 bytes) A scene of the Last Supper
An inside view of the church on Sacro Monte MVC-049F.jpg (40669 bytes)
MVC-050F.jpg (28682 bytes) The center of the sanctuary
A view onto old town Varallo MVC-051F.jpg (46303 bytes)
MVC-052F.jpg (33443 bytes) San Gaudenzio--the church where the Pope held mass in 1984
Liceo D'Adda MVC-053F.jpg (39517 bytes)
MVC-054F.jpg (39645 bytes) The interior of San Gaudenzio
Interior of San Gaudenzio MVC-055F.jpg (45152 bytes)
MVC-057F.jpg (33803 bytes) Tuesday--Street Market in Varallo
MVC-058F.jpg (25882 bytes) Group picture at San Gaudenzo
Scott no longer needs to hold up his pants because he purchased a belt.

Sarah is checking her new necklace and Melanie proudly holds her new fanny pack.

MVC-059F.jpg (36952 bytes)
MVC-060F.jpg (41057 bytes) City Hall--The Municipio
Heading back to school through one of the narrow side streets in Varallo MVC-061F.jpg (33740 bytes)

Tonight we will be on the Night-Train from Varallo to Milan to Germany. We will be going to Stuttgart to check out a the Allamanni museum to get a better insight look at the Germanic tribes at the time of Roman invasion into Germany. You will not see an update until late Thursday or even Friday (with no e-mail oportunities either). So, please be patient and check back with us in a couple of days.