April 3

Today we gave our teaching Power Point presentations again to the remaining English classes. A great success! Afterwards, we toured Varallo's churches and other places.

MVC-037F.jpg (33128 bytes) Madonna della Grazie (Our Lady of Grace)
one of the oldest churches of Varallo finished in 1400 by Gaudenzio Ferrari
Gaudenzio Ferrari, the statue in front of the church MVC-038F.jpg (30300 bytes)
MVC-039F.jpg (32988 bytes) The interior of the church that started the 3-D movement in art
A small shrine in a wall MVC-040F.jpg (39058 bytes)
MVC-041F.jpg (43434 bytes) We have arrived on top of Sacro Monte. It was built in the late middle ages so that people no longer had to go on pilgrimages to the Holy Land but could go on a pilgrimage right here, closer to their homes.

Gaudenzio Ferrari and Brother Caimi

MVC-042F.jpg (31651 bytes) The view from Sacro Monte over Varallo and the valley is breathtaking
Melanie is trying to climb the Holy Steps on her knees....like people have done in the past when participating in a pilgrimage MVC-043F.jpg (26635 bytes)
MVC-044F.jpg (38004 bytes) A scene from on of the many chapels on Sacro Monte
Another view of the town Varallo MVC-045F.jpg (39501 bytes)
MVC-046F.jpg (37640 bytes) This cool mountain water is quenching our thirst
Quite refreshing on this warm spring day after the climb MVC-047F.jpg (35517 bytes)