April 2

Today was presentation day. The four students presented their Multimedia Power Point presentations to the Italian students. Everything went very smoothly. The students were even asked to do a second run of these presentations since other students wanted to see them as well. Tomorrow morning will be a re-run of the presentations.

MVC-027F.jpg (27065 bytes) The happy group is getting ready for the teaching presentations on Power Point
Now there are 5 of them.... MVC-029F.jpg (32555 bytes)
MVC-030F.jpg (34835 bytes) The Italian students are anxiously awaiting other students and the presentation with the jumping hydraulic cars
Mauro and Jay are talking about computers MVC-031F.jpg (32408 bytes)
MVC-032F.jpg (32727 bytes) "When is it my turn?"
Scott is thinking
Elizabeth is getting started MVC-033F.jpg (32156 bytes)
MVC-034F.jpg (30098 bytes) Familiar faces... Lorenza and Luca
Mauro and "his pet" he recieved from Clint Corbin while at Hampshire High last fall. Clint Corbin and Josh Arnold went on a tour of Italy and Germany with me in June and we also stayed at Mauro's place. MVC-035F.jpg (33275 bytes)
MVC-036F.jpg (32690 bytes) Another close-up with his "buddy"