April 16

Today, like yesterday, students spend their time with the families. Tomorrow will be time to leave for the US. No one is eager to go home. All wish they could stay here....

alagna2.jpg (32210 bytes) A typical house in Alagna. Here: Mauro's house where I spent Easter Monday with colleagues
Mauro's house is located at the foothills of the Alps MVC-420F.jpg (32384 bytes)
ScanImage07.jpg (19364 bytes) It snowed again in the Alps.
Some more pictures of our visit to the Alps, the Monte Rosa mountains. ScanImage32.jpg (22128 bytes)
ScanImage33.jpg (16910 bytes)  
  ScanImage34.jpg (20382 bytes)
ScanImage36.jpg (21594 bytes)  
  ScanImage39.jpg (23898 bytes)
ScanImage53.jpg (31593 bytes) The fountain in front of Museum Walser in Alagna
Several teachers had a gt-together at Mauro's place in Alagna... and as usual.. too much food! alagna16apr200102.jpg (28932 bytes)
alagna16apr200103.jpg (27875 bytes)  
Finally we got to the entertainment. alagna16apr200104.jpg (20696 bytes)
alagna16apr200105.jpg (25887 bytes) Antonella's husband played the guitar.