April 14

AUT11551.jpg (28564 bytes) We went to Milan to see an opera in La Scala and to visit the Duomo, the Cathedral of Milan.
Here, we are waiting for the subway.
The inside of the Duomo, a gothic cathedral built in 1386. However, until today, the cathedral is still not finished. AUT11553.jpg (26756 bytes)
AUT11554.jpg (22891 bytes) St. Bartholomeus, he was tortured by having the skin torn off his body.
Heading for the steps to go up. AUT11556.jpg (31802 bytes)
AUT11558.jpg (27807 bytes) On top of the cathedral.
The gothic peaks. AUT11559.jpg (19385 bytes)
AUT11562.jpg (21886 bytes) On top of the roof.
AUT11563.jpg (24692 bytes)
AUT11564.jpg (25587 bytes)
AUT11566.jpg (22369 bytes)
AUT11568.jpg (23714 bytes)
AUT11572.jpg (19530 bytes)
AUT11574.jpg (25358 bytes)
AUT11575.jpg (30494 bytes)
AUT11577.jpg (25376 bytes)
The Duomo in Milan, the gothic cathedral AUT11581.jpg (22833 bytes)