April 12

ScanImage63.jpg (28343 bytes) A short meeting with the mayor of Alagna
A church in Riva Valdobbia (near Alagna) built in 1326. It is famous for it largest fresco in the entire Valsesia area. ScanImage64.jpg (27243 bytes)
ScanImage67.jpg (30491 bytes) A close-up of the fresco
1326 ScanImage68.jpg (15156 bytes)
ScanImage69.jpg (28455 bytes) Beautifully restored
S. Peter's eyes (the one with the key in his hand) will follow you with his eyes wherever you go. ScanImage70.jpg (16202 bytes)
ScanImage72.jpg (27048 bytes) The Inferno
The coat of armor of Riva Valdobbia (near Alagna) ScanImage73.jpg (16537 bytes)
ScanImage66.jpg (22768 bytes) The Monte Rosa mountains... a last look