April 12

ScanImage44.jpg (22624 bytes) At Mauro's house in the mountains for pasta and cheese.
A tiny Alpine chapel in Alagna ScanImage46.jpg (15125 bytes)
ScanImage47.jpg (27852 bytes) The door is wide enough, Melanie proclaims.
In front of the Walser Museum in Alagna. ScanImage48.jpg (28925 bytes)
ScanImage52.jpg (23274 bytes) ScanImage50.jpg (37195 bytes)
Our students are looking at an example of the Walser people when they first came to this area between 1100 and 1500. The language spoken is an old German dialaect similar to the dialect spoken in the Allamannic area in Germany/Switzerland today. ScanImage54.jpg (26505 bytes)
ScanImage55.jpg (30815 bytes) The rails around the house help to dry the hey int he summer months.
The center of Alaga ScanImage58.jpg (27616 bytes)
ScanImage60.jpg (21304 bytes) The highest refuge in Europe
The local information center ScanImage61.jpg (23486 bytes)