April 12

Half way up my digital camera gave up... first the modem and now the digital camera!!! Fortunately, Mauro, my colleague, never leaves home without his digital camera! So, we have plenty of back-up pictures as you can see...

MVC-413F.jpg (26682 bytes) We are heading towards Monte Rosa, the second highest point in the Italian Alps.
A quick change into double and triple layer clothes. MVC-414F.jpg (34117 bytes)
MVC-415F.jpg (33436 bytes) The mountains are waiting for us.
Mauro is explaining the mountain range to our students. MVC-416F.jpg (30913 bytes)
MVC-417F.jpg (31640 bytes) Small villages hug the mountain sides.
We are going up, finally. MVC-419F.jpg (21421 bytes)
MVC-420F.jpg (32384 bytes) Last year, the region built a new cable railway. Last year's group was not able to go up into the Alps due to this construction.
The new system. MVC-422F.jpg (18066 bytes)
MVC-423F.jpg (20128 bytes) Next, we had to change into open two seater lifts. What a nice feeling to go furhter and further up into the Alps on this beautiful, warm, sunny day.
The station below where we just changed into the lifts. MVC-424F.jpg (21377 bytes)
MVC-425F.jpg (27206 bytes) We are moving higher and higher.
The blue sky is incredible. MVC-426F.jpg (26159 bytes)
MVC-427F.jpg (20144 bytes) Getting closer to the top now.
Changing one more time to go all the way to the top! MVC-428F.jpg (30205 bytes)
ScanImage09.jpg (20705 bytes) ON TOP OF THE WORLD!