April 11

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Abbey St. Andrew's in Vercelli
After lunch I went with Antonella to Vercelli
Early Gothic style of this old cathedral MVC-398F.jpg (30455 bytes)
MVC-400F.jpg (24500 bytes) The old wood work is remarkable in this cathedral
very detailed wood work MVC-399F.jpg (24819 bytes)
MVC-401F.jpg (20760 bytes) A Modern Art exhibition in Vercelli by one of the students, Diego Pasqualin

La Pelle--Human Skin

Cancro--Cancer MVC-402F.jpg (17744 bytes)
MVC-403F.jpg (14294 bytes) Ibrido--Hybrid
The young artist, Diego Pasqualin MVC-404F.jpg (18481 bytes)
MVC-405F.jpg (37489 bytes) Guarda--Look