April 11

MVC-382F.jpg (24171 bytes) Sarah is practicing balancing and steering
Melanie is balanced MVC-383F.jpg (27534 bytes)
MVC-384F.jpg (26717 bytes) Elizabeth gives a hand to Valentina who has to balance herself
Scott is being pulled by his two friends MVC-385F.jpg (27032 bytes)
MVC-386F.jpg (24486 bytes) Elizabeth is helping to balance an Italian student
Sarah is trying to walk on this wobbly mat with the help of the Gym teacher MVC-387F.jpg (23048 bytes)
MVC-388F.jpg (17422 bytes) Scott is enjoying this very much
These girls were too fast for the camera... Is it Sarah who is being carried? MVC-389F.jpg (29483 bytes)
MVC-390F.jpg (27411 bytes) Let the soccer match begin... YES, sitting down and scooting on the behinds
Sarah is waiting for a chance to score a goal MVC-391F.jpg (22414 bytes)
MVC-394F.jpg (21081 bytes) Melanie is listening for instructions
Scott tried to score a goal MVC-392F.jpg (25669 bytes)
MVC-395F.jpg (27616 bytes) Elizabeth can't believe it... she just scored a GOAL!!!