April 11

MVC-369F.jpg (24321 bytes) Gym Class
Students are warming up
Running... MVC-370F.jpg (28859 bytes)
MVC-371F.jpg (29622 bytes) another round...
stretching MVC-372F.jpg (24782 bytes)
MVC-373F.jpg (22449 bytes) and running again...
stretching MVC-374F.jpg (27365 bytes)
MVC-375F.jpg (31541 bytes) and again
Scott's turn....
(Let's hope the pants don't rip...)
MVC-376F.jpg (26449 bytes)
MVC-377F.jpg (23248 bytes) balancing
jumping and stretching

The Gym teacher is always modeling and participating, our students commented

MVC-378F.jpg (21899 bytes)
MVC-379F.jpg (22795 bytes) stretching
muscles required MVC-380F.jpg (22387 bytes)
MVC-381F.jpg (25532 bytes) Sarah's turn