April 1

Today was family time. Some students went away with their families to other towns and interesting places.

alagna.gif (6603 bytes) Elizabeth went with her family to Alagna, a town at the very foothills of the Alps. The road ends here. Follow the ALAGNA like to see more of this beautiful place.
Sarah went to Turin today. Turin is the capital of the province of Piedmont and also the home of the Shroud. Click on TURIN to find out more about this town. turin.gif (7407 bytes)
varallo.gif (8284 bytes) Melanie stayed in Varallo (at least to my knowledge).Click on Varallo or onto the link below to find out more about these palces.
Beautiful Art of Varallo
Scott went mountain biking.... his legs are killing him now! :-))

Unfortunately, he had to go up into the Alps first ...

SL00793_.jpg (9826 bytes)
MVC-571F.jpg (36943 bytes)  

And I? I went to church this morning to San Gaudenzio. Then, I took a quick trip to Turin and back with Mauro.