be patient.... first some more scenic views...

alps22.jpg (21295 bytes)

a refuge in the background

alps23.jpg (20523 bytes)


alps24.jpg (17008 bytes)


snow1.jpg (19898 bytes)

who is the victim???

snow2.jpg (19143 bytes)

we still don't know...

snow3.jpg (21569 bytes)

snow4.jpg (17123 bytes)

ahhh poor Brandy!...

snow5.jpg (21243 bytes)

snow6.jpg (24467 bytes)

will she be the only victim???

snow7.jpg (20236 bytes)

waiting for the next victim... who will it be???

snow8.jpg (17587 bytes)

guess who???

snow9.jpg (16982 bytes)

oh my did he get a load of snow on his back...

descent1.jpg (14610 bytes)

descent2.jpg (13878 bytes)

going back down towards Alagna
(pictures taken from cable car)