Piazza San Marco -- Venice


    I think that the Saint Marco Square was interesting in some ways and more boring in others. I think that the St. Marco cathedral was a very nice building. My favorite part was the gold domes above the entrance. I also liked the huge dome on top of the cathedral.
    One other interesting thing in the square was the bell tower that went high into the sky. It almost looked like the tower was leaning a little. And I also wish that I would have been able to learn a little more about the purpose of the bell tower.
    One of the drawbacks to the square was those darn pigeons. Those things looked nice until you had some food in your hand and then those things flocked around and on you like they had never eaten before, and you could see that everyone around the square was feeding them.
Another nice thing about the square was that you could look off to your left and see the boats on the Grand Canal.


Mark Meadows