Today we toured Rome by bus and Metropolitana, the Roman subway. Both were, as usual, very crowded and the pick pockets were at their best! But nothing was taken from us! First, we went to the Vatican, to St. Peter, where we met Mr. O'Connor again. This morning he had a private audience with the Pope (sorry, no pictures of this event)

sanpietro.jpg (23005 bytes)

The inside of St. Peter

sanpietro2.jpg (17465 bytes)

sanpietro3.jpg (22467 bytes)

sanpietrof.jpg (24928 bytes)

The Cupola

sanpietrof2.jpg (26194 bytes)

A view from (almost the) top

sanpietrof3.jpg (17455 bytes)

The top

lapieta.jpg (11119 bytes)

La Pieta

bb.jpg (24292 bytes)

The metro in Rome

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