Today we traveled from Florence to Rome. Fortunately, the strike was called off! Students passed the hours on the train in many different ways...

train.jpg (21246 bytes)

putting on make-up

train2.jpg (24877 bytes)


train3.jpg (21343 bytes)

train4.jpg (23542 bytes)


train5.jpg (20922 bytes)

sleeping and looking at the passing landscape

train6.jpg (18893 bytes)

listening to music while sleeping

train7.jpg (26836 bytes)

being awake and cheerful

train8.jpg (22147 bytes)

or curled up in a seat

Finally!!! We have arrived in Rome!!! Hungry and tired! We are staying in a Youth Hostel For the next two nights.

ristaurante.jpg (24146 bytes)

finally a restaurant for all 24 of us!

ristaurante2.jpg (23620 bytes)

we ate all the bread on the table....

ristaurante3.jpg (25644 bytes)

and enjoyed water or coke

ristaurante5.jpg (17649 bytes)

the waiters entertained

spagna.jpg (10536 bytes)

Spanish Steps.... a nice after dinner walk