On Sunday, Mr. O'Connor, Amber and her host parents, Patrizia and I went on a tour to see old romanesque farm buildings that are usually closed to the public. Only once a year are they open to the public:

roman1.jpg (24364 bytes)

A Romanesque Window

roman2.jpg (25431 bytes)

An Old Roman Street

roman3.jpg (19375 bytes)

A Wine Cellar

roman5.jpg (28163 bytes)

A Typical Roman Farm House

roman6.jpg (18129 bytes)

In Church

romanchurch2.jpg (15836 bytes)

Saint Dorothy, example of late Gothic Art

romanchurch3.jpg (15086 bytes)

Saint Anthony, Abbot

romanchurch4.jpg (16556 bytes)

The Ironic Jesus

abbey1.jpg (20749 bytes)

Old Roman Church

abbey2.jpg (17087 bytes)

The Abbey of Saint Nazare
the only fortified abbey in Italy

abbey3.jpg (17065 bytes)

The Bell Tower

abbey4.jpg (34792 bytes)

The Abbey Gate

abbey5.jpg (26855 bytes)

The Abbey Church

abbey8.jpg (26229 bytes)

The Cloister Garden

abbey9.jpg (13761 bytes)

The Interior of Abbey Church