In the morning our students did make their presentations to the Italian students. In the afternoon students spent time in their individual host families. Mr. O'Connor and I went to Turin with Mauro to see the Duomo in Turin where the Shroud is located. Here are some pictures from the Palace and the Duomo in Turin:

turin1.jpg (19815 bytes)

The Palace

turin2.jpg (18546 bytes)

turin3.jpg (23478 bytes)

Cantor with dog Lillo, Franco, Mauro and Mr. O'Connor

turin4.jpg (17039 bytes)

The Roman City Gate

turin5.jpg (21782 bytes)

Guess who still on crutches and Cantor

turin6.jpg (22022 bytes)

turin7.jpg (20135 bytes)

The Duomo

shroud.jpg (17064 bytes)

The inside of the Duomo with the Shroud in the background

oconnor.jpg (47293 bytes)

Mr. O'Connor in front of the altar Our Lady of the Assumption