La Discoteca


   The "discoteca" is a popular place in Italy. Each Saturday night, from midnight to 4 a.m., everyone goes to the Igloo. The Igloo is the disco in the area we stayed in. It is a giant building shaped like an igloo. Inside is a dance floor, stages, couches, two bars, lots of speakers, strobe lights, and anything else that you would need for a party. The deejays plays loud music with lots of bass. The disco is full of people (at least 500) who walk, talk, drink, and dance. The Americani loved the disco. Some of us more than others!
    No names mentioned, but some liked to dance in the arms of others ...! Others liked to dance in the least amount of clothes possible! Still others didn't dance at all!

"Wish we had one like the Igloo here (that we could go to at our age)! I loved how everyone, strangers or not, seemed so happy and friendly. You could just start up a conversation (or more for some-heehee) with the person next to you, regardless of whether they spoke English! Lots of fun!"

"I wish we could have one here. It gives you something to do and it is fun..."



                                       Jeremiah Collins